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Figure 1

From: Protein kinases mediate increment of the phosphorylation of cyclic AMP -responsive element binding protein in spinal cord of rats following capsaicin injection

Figure 1

Detection of CREB protein and phosphorylated CREB in spinal cord in rats following vehicle or capsaicin injection and the effect of MAP kinase inhibitor, U0126. Panel A. Immunoblot data of CREB and phospho-CREB protein expression. Panel B. Bar graph summarizing the density of the immunoblot band of CREB protein. (NS, no significance between vehicle treatment vs. capsaicin treatment group in either ACSF- or U0126- treatment). Panel C. Bar graph demonstrating the density of the Western blot bands of phospho-CREB protein. (*, p < 0.05; the value from vehicle treatment vs. capsaicin treatment; #, p < 0.05, the value of ACSF-treated vs. U0126-treated animals treated with capsaicin; NS, no significance between vehicle vs. capsaicin treatment in groups with U0126 administration; n = 5 in each group). Open bar, vehicle group; hatched bar, capsaicin group.

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