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Table 2 Genes with significantly altered basal levels in the left LDH ipsilateral to the neonatally-injured hindpaw in CAR-P3 as compared to their expressions in the corresponding LDH of CONT and CAR-P12 animals [one-way ANOVAs, (with the Benjamini and Hochberg's FDR correction procedure set at the P-value cutoff of 0.05) followed by Tukey's post-hoc tests (with the same P-cutoff value) in the implementation of GeneSpring GX software (Agilent, Palo Alto, CA).)]. Differences in gene expression are presented as ratios between CAR-P3 and CONT, CAR-P12 and CONT, and CAR-P3 and CAR-P12 groups. Statistically insignificant differences are marked as 'ND' The comparisons are based on the microarray profiling that employed 5 slides for comparison of CONT and CAR-P3 samples and another 5 slides for comparison of CONT and CAR-P12 samples.

From: Neonatal local noxious insult affects gene expression in the spinal dorsal horn of adult rats

Left LDH (ipsilateral to the site of neonatal injury)
GABAB1b 1.9 ND 1.7 NtsR1 2.1 ND 1.6
GABAB1f 3.2 ND 2.0 5-HT1b 2.0 ND 1.8
GAD67 2.0 ND 1.4 Preprocholecystokinin 2.2 ND 2.0
H1 hist. rec. 3.2 ND 1.7