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Table 1 Primer sequences for the candidate reference genes

From: Validation of four reference genes for quantitative mRNA expression studies in a rat model of inflammatory injury

Gene name Accession number Function Sequence Product size (base pairs)
Hprt1 Genbank: NM_012583 Purine synthesis in salvage pathways Forward 5′-CTCATGGACTGATTATGGACAGGAC Reverse 5′-GCAGGTCAGCAAAGAACTTATAGCC 123
Actb Genbank: NM_031144 Cytoskeletal structural protein Forward 5′-CCGCGAGTACAACCTTCTTG Reverse 5′-GCAGCGATATCGTCATCCAT 81
Mapk6 Genbank: NM_031622 Member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase superfamily Forward 5′-TAAAGCCATTGACATGTGGG Reverse 5′-TCGTGCACAACAGGGATAGA 129
B2m Genbank: NM_012512 Beta-chain of major histocompatibility complex class I molecules Forward 5′-CGAGACCGATGTATATGCTTGC Reverse 5′-GTCCAGATGATTCAGAGCTCCA 114