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Figure 1

From: Nitric oxide synthase modulates CFA-induced thermal hyperalgesia through cytokine regulation in mice

Figure 1

Effects of pretreatment with the NOS inhibitors 7-NINA, AG, L-NIO and L-NAME on CFA-induced thermal hyperalgesia assessed by the paw withdrawal latency (PWL) tests. Following CFA injection, PWLs were markedly decreased within 6 h and continued until 24 h post injection in the ipsilateral hindpaw (A, ***P < 0.001, NS + CFA vs NS + NS). Pretreatment with 7-NINA, AG and L-NAME, but not L-NIO, dramatically attenuated thermal hyperalgesia in mice receiving CFA throughout the observation period (A, ### P < 0.001, inhibitor + CFA vs NS + CFA). None of the inhibitors altered pain thresholds in mice receiving NS (B, inhibitor + NS vs NS + NS). n = 4 for each group.

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