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Table 1 TRPV1 and IB4 staining of identified CPM-fibers in naïve and inflamed mice

From: Cutaneous C-polymodal fibers lacking TRPV1 are sensitized to heat following inflammation, but fail to drive heat hyperalgesia in the absence of TPV1 containing C-heat fibers

CPM fibers IB4-positive ratio TRPV1-positive ratio
Combined naïve C3H/BL6 and C57/BL6 31/38 0/34
Combined inflamed C3H/BL6 and C57/BL6 30/36 4/36
  1. Identified C-polymodal fibers in naïve and inflamed wildtype animals for IB4 binding and TRPV1 immunoreactivity. Only after inflammation are TRPV1 positive CPM-fibers observed.