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Table 1 Recent itch studies using genetically engineered mice

From: Genetic enhancement of behavioral itch responses in mice lacking phosphoinositide 3-kinase-γ (PI3Kγ)

Deleted gene Pruritogens Scratching Reference
PLCβ3 Histamine, HTMT, Compound 48/80, Clobenpropit Reduced Neuron (2006)
GRPR Compound 48/80,
PAR-2, chloroquine
Reduced Nature (2007)
(Spinal cord specific)
PAR-2, 5-HT, Chloroquine, Compound 48/80, Capsaicin Increased Neuron (2010)
Bhlhb5 Histamine, Compound 48/80
PAR-2, 5-HT, Chloroquine
Increased Neuron (2010)
TLR7 5-HT, ET-1, PAR-2,
Reduced Nature Neuroscience (2010)
TRPA1 Chloroquine, BAM8-22 Reduced Nature Neuroscience (2011)
PI3Kγ istamine, PAR-2 Increased The present study