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Figure 2

From: Peripheral nerve injury increases glutamate-evoked calcium mobilization in adult spinal cord neurons

Figure 2

Glutamate-evoked Ca2+ response and APs in DH neurons. A. Electrophysiological responses to glutamate are also repeatable. Whole cell recording from slices prepared from a post-natal day 13 mouse shows current responses to glutamate (50 mM; 200 ms). B. Ca2+ response to glutamate (50 mM; 50 ms pulse). Inset: Fluorescent images taken with excitation at 340 nm before (left) and during exposure to glutamate (right). Scale bar: 10 um. C. Simultaneous on-cell recording indicates glutamate-evoked AP currents concurrently with Ca2+ response. Inset: Left: AP frequency over time. Right: Enlarged view showing generation of AP currents. *** P < 0.0001.

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