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Figure 4

From: Peripheral nerve injury increases glutamate-evoked calcium mobilization in adult spinal cord neurons

Figure 4

Effect of sub-type selective antagonists on glutamate-evoked Ca2+ responses. Slices prepared from 4–6 wk CD-1 mice were superfused with aCSF at 1 ml/min. A. Representative Ca2+ traces from dorsal horn cell in response to 1 mM glutamate in the presence of increasing concentrations of CNQX. The last trace is after a final washout, indicating that the tissue is still viable and responsive to glutamate. B, CNQX (3–6 slices); C, GYKI 52466 (4–14 slices); D, UBP-301 (3 slices); E, AP-5 (4–11 slices); F, AIDA, (3–8 slices). Antagonists were present for 10 min prior, as well as during glutamate-evoked stimulation. Data represent average ± SEM. *P < 0.05.

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