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Figure 5

From: Peripheral nerve injury increases glutamate-evoked calcium mobilization in adult spinal cord neurons

Figure 5

Effect on peripheral nerve injury on glutamate-evoked Ca2+ transients. A. Development of mechanical hyperalgesia following SNI. Withdrawal threshold of the ipsilateral hindpaws to mechanical stimulation with von Frey hairs in SNI mice are compared to those of sham-operated mice. B. Peak glutamate-evoked Ca2+ responses in dorsal horn slices from sham and neuropathic (SNI) mice. Slices were prepared from 5 wk mice 7–10 d after sham or SNI surgery. Ca2+ responses were evoked by a 10 s exposure to glutamate at concentrations indicated. Data represent average ± SEM from 5 slices. *P < 0.05.

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