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Table 1 Demographic data on disc tissues*

From: Genome-wide analysis of pain-, nerve- and neurotrophin -related gene expression in the degenerating human annulus

Subject number Site* Thompson grade Age (years)/gender Herniated? Other information
1 Lumbar II 34/F No Control
2 L3-L4 II 30/M No Control
3 L4-L5 II 54/F No Surgical specimen
4 Lumbar II 34/F No Control
5 L5-S1 II 21/M Yes Surgical specimen; immuno **
6 L4-L5 II 40/F Yes Surgical specimen
7 L4-L5 III 36/F Yes Surgical specimen
8 C6-C7 III 45/F Yes Surgical specimen
9 L3-L4 III 52/F No Control
10 L3-L4 III 52/F No Control; immuno
11 L3-L4 III 52/F No Control
12 L3-L4 III 52/F No Control
13 L2-L3 III 33/F No Control
14 L5-S1 III 37/M Yes Surgical specimen; immuno
15 L4-L5 III 43/M Yes Surgical specimen; immuno
16 L5-S1 IV 63 F No Surgical specimen
17 L2-L3 IV 65/F No Surgical specimen
18 C5-C6 IV 59/M Yes Surgical specimen
19 L5-S1 IV 45/M Yes Surgical specimen; immuno
20 L5-S1 IV 43/M No Surgical specimen
21 L5-S1 V 72/F Yes Surgical specimen; immuno
22 L4-5 V 41/M No Surgical specimen; immuno
23 C6-7 V 57/F Yes Surgical specimen
  1. * Note that multiples specimens may have been derived from some subjects. L, lumbar; C, cervical; M, male; F, female; Control discs are normal discs obtained from the Cooperative Human Tissue Network.
  2. ** Indicates that specimens were utilized for selected immunohistochemical studies.