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Figure 2

From: Prostaglandin metabolite induces inhibition of TRPA1 and channel-dependent nociception

Figure 2

Dose–response of nocifensive behavior evoked by 15d-PGJ 2 or AITC. Mice were administered (10 μL ipl.) 15d-PGJ2 (A) or AITC (B). Licking and deliberate lifting of the injected hindpaw was recorded at 10-min intervals for 40 min. (C) Total nocifensive response for 15d-PGJ2 vs. AITC are equivalent at 1.5 and 15 mM. (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 for 15 mM 15d-PGJ2 vs. vehicle at 10 and 20 min time points, respectively; ***p < 0.01 for 15 mM ATIC vs. vehicle; n = 6-8 per group; values expressed as mean ± SEM). Data were analyzed using RMANOVA with Bonferonni post-hoc comparisons.

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