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Figure 2

From: Impaired behavioural pain responses in hph-1 mice with inherited deficiency in GTP cyclohydrolase 1 in models of inflammatory pain

Figure 2

No motor impairment nor dystonia-like symptoms were seen in +,- and hph mice. (a) time walking on the rotarod (sec) and (b) rotation speed (rpm). n = 10, n = 8 and n = 6 for WT, +,- and hph mice, respectively. No difference in rotarod performance was found between genotypes (p = 0.92 and p = 0.95, respectively). One-way ANOVA with pair-wise comparisons using the Fisher’s LSD test. (c) hind-paw clasping; normal splaying of hind-paws was observed in hph mice as well as WT mice (not shown). Data are presented as mean + SEM.

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