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Figure 3

From: Impaired behavioural pain responses in hph-1 mice with inherited deficiency in GTP cyclohydrolase 1 in models of inflammatory pain

Figure 3

Normal behavioural responses to heat and mechanical stimuli were observed in +,- and hph mice. (a) Hot Plate; latency time to respond by hind-paw licking, lifting or flinching at a plate temperature of 52°C (n = 19) or 55°C (n = 12–17). No significant change was observed between genotypes (p = 0.13 and p = 0.54, respectively). (b) Hargreaves Test; withdrawal latencies to noxious heat stimuli (n = 7–15). No change in latency time was found among genotypes (p = 0.65). (c,d) von Frey and Randall Selitto; withdrawal threshold to mechanical stimulus (n = 10–16 and n = 13–15, respectively). Hph-1 mice exhibited similar mechanical thresholds as WT mice (p = 0.92 and p = 0.68). Mann–Whitney t-test, two-tailed or one-way ANOVA with pair-wise comparisons using the Fisher’s LSD test. Data are presented as mean + SEM.

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