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Figure 4

From: Impaired behavioural pain responses in hph-1 mice with inherited deficiency in GTP cyclohydrolase 1 in models of inflammatory pain

Figure 4

Reduced hypersensitivity after CFA injection in +,- and hph mice. (a,c) Time course of mechanical and heat hypersensitivity. CFA injection induced mechanical hypersensitivity in +,- and WT mice, but not in hph mice (n = 10–14). In the Hargreaves test, both WT mice and hph mice exhibited heat hypersensitivity after peripheral inflammation (n = 11–14). WT: ***p < 0.001, +,-: +p < 0.05 and hph: p < 0.05 and †††p < 0.001 versus baseline values (two-way RM-ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD test). (b,d) Area under curve analysis. A statistical significant difference in mechanical and heat hypersensitivity was found between hph-1 mice and WT mice. ###p < 0.001, one-way ANOVA with pair-wise comparisons using the Fisher’s LSD test (log transformed data). #p = 0.04, unpaired t-test, two-tailed (log transformed data). Data are presented as mean ± or + SEM.

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