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Table 1 P2Y receptors and nucleotide agonists.

From: Gi- and Gq-coupled ADP (P2Y) receptors act in opposition to modulate nociceptive signaling and inflammatory pain behavior

Receptor Signaling Preferred Agonist ΔCT (DRG)
P2Y1* Gq/11 ADP 6.22 ± 0.11
P2Y2* Gq/11 ATP = UTP 6.17 ± 0.08
P2Y4* Gq/11 ATP = UTP 13.63 ± 0.31
P2Y6* Gq/11 UDP 10.92 ± 0.14
P2Y12 Gi/o ADP 7.55 ± 0.26
P2Y13** Gi/o ADP = IDP 9.78 ± 0.59
P2Y14 Gi/o Glycosylated UDP 7.91 ± 0.59
  1. Relative expression levels of mRNA for P2Y family members in DRG are expressed as the normalized cycle threshold (ΔCT): the P2Y CT value minus the CT for the reference standard, GAPDH. *Previously published data [28]. Rodent P2Y4 receptor shows equivalent responsiveness to ATP and UTP; the human receptor is selective for UTP. **Mouse but not human P2Y13 shows high affinity for IDP as well as ADP. P2Y11 is not included here because it is not expressed in rodents. (See [10, 3739]).