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Table 2 PAR activators and concentrations used

From: Protease activated receptors 1 and 4 sensitize TRPV1 in nociceptive neurones

PAR activator Concentration Selective for Source
Thrombin 0.01-100 nM PAR1,3,4 Sigma, cat T4648
Cathepsin G 1-1000 nM PAR4 Sigma, cat C4428
Trypsin 0.1-10 μM PAR1,2,3,4 Sigma, cat T9201
Collagenase 0.25% - Sigma, cat 4188
type IV    
TFLLR-NH2 100 μM PAR1 Tocris, cat 1464
SFLLRN-OH (for rat) 100 μM PAR1 Bachem, cat H8365
SLIGRL-NH2 100 μM PAR2 Tocris, cat 1468
AYPGKF-NH2 200 μM PAR4 Sigma, cat A3227