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Figure 1

From: Temporal control of gene deletion in sensory ganglia using a tamoxifen-inducible Advillin-Cre-ERT2 recombinase mouse

Figure 1

Generation of tamoxifen inducible Advillin Cre mouse. A - Diagram of the wt Advillin allele and the targeting construct. CreERT2 is inserted downstream of the initiation codon of Advillin. The construct also contained a Kanamycin selection gene that was excised from the BAC by Flp-recombination. B - Primer validation for screening of transgenic animals. AF - Advillin forward primer, AR - Advillin reverse primer, CF - Cre forward primer, CR - Cre reverse primer. The expected sizes of the PCR fragments are indicated. C - Southern blot with tail genomic DNA digested with HindIII and hybridized with the 5'homology arm probe. The bands for wildtype gene (wt) and transgene (tg) are indicated.

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