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Figure 6

From: Cortical plasticity as a new endpoint measurement for chronic pain

Figure 6

Inhibition of PKMζ selectively decreased the amplitude of eEPSCs in ACC neurons of mice with neuropathic pain by reducing the number of active AMPA receptors. A and B, Samples showed the effect of ZIP (5 μM) on the amplitude of eEPSCs in the ACC neurons of animals from the nerve injury [black circles in (A)] and sham group [black circles in (B)]. The gray open circles represent the change of membrane resistance during recording. Black traces in the upper part of (A) and (B) indicate the averaged response at baseline, and blue traces indicate the average of 2 min responses collected 10 min after ZIP application. C, Pooled data of effects of ZIP on the eEPSCs recorded from the ACC of mice in the sham (open) and nerve injury (solid) groups 10 min after ZIP application. *P < 0.05; error bars, SEMs (from Reference 32).

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