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Retraction Note: Comparison of central versus peripheral delivery of pregabalin in neuropathic pain states

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Molecular Pain201410:20

  • Received: 7 March 2014
  • Accepted: 14 March 2014
  • Published:

The original article was published in Molecular Pain 2012 8:3


The corresponding author Cory C Toth would like to retract the article [1]. It has come to light that the data obtained at the University of Calgary presented in Figure 4A and Figure 5 have been manipulated which was unrecognized by the corresponding author. The University of Calgary has investigated this case and supports the decision to retract the article. We apologize for misleading the readership of Molecular Pain.


Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Clinical Neurosciences and the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
Alzheimer's Research Center, Regions Hospital, and HealthPartners Research Foundation, St. Paul, MN, USA
Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA


  1. Martinez JA, Kasamatsu M, Rosales-Hernandez A, Hanson LR, Frey WH, Toth CC: Comparison of central versus peripheral delivery of pregabalin in neuropathic pain states. Mol Pain 2012, 8: 3. 10.1186/1744-8069-8-3PubMed CentralPubMedView ArticleGoogle Scholar


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